Please find here some information about classical benelux regatta venues

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Jachthavenweg 61
4311 NC Bruinisse

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Lac du Der

Port, Rue de Giffaumont
51290 Giffaumont-Champaubert

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9665 Lac de la Haute-Sûre

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Marina Muiderzand

IJmeerdijk 4
1361 AA Almere
The Netherlands

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Ophoven - Maaseik

3640 Ophoven - Maaseik

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Street: Jachthavenweg 61
ZIP: 4311 NC
City: Bruinisse
Country: nl

The following options are available for sleeping :

Bungalowpark "AQUADELTA"

Just behind the beach/harbor
Hageweg t Centrum 269
4311 NS Bruinisse
tel: +31 1 11 48 19 40

You are within walking distance from the marina
We recommend the very spacious hotel rooms for 6persons (they are actually 3 bedroom apartments)
Find yourself 2 other teams to share an apartment (approx. 200€) and you will have great value for money with a good breakfast on Sunday morning
Do not hesitate to post your indecent proposals on the forum ...


There are 2 campsites a 5 minute drive from the marina. For further details go to or phone +31 1 11 48 25 23.

Camping ’t Hoge Zand, Zandweg 44308, AB Sirjansland
Tel. +31 1 11 64 19 89
Bed & breakfast - all within 15 minutes drive from Bruinisse
Pension Neele -  Nieuwerkerk - +31 111 482 201
In den vergulde slaeper -  Zierikzee - +31 111 422 785
Herberg de Ring van Dreischor -  Dreischor - +31 111 401 306
B&B De Drei Schorre - Dreischor - +31 6 537 80 361
more B&B options on

Wanna put your whole fleet in one place ?
Youth Hostel - Group Accommodation  DE STOOFPOLDER
Boomdijk 21 - Bruinisse
accommodation for Groups form 6 to 200 persons - 19eur pppn including breakfast

Lac du Der

Street: Port, Rue de Giffaumont,
ZIP: 51290
City: Giffaumont-Champaubert
Country: France

Lac du Der is situated south of Reims, near Saint -Dizier

Googlemaps :,4.776671&hl=fr&num=1&t=h&z=16

We are sailing form the South bank of the lake, near Giffaumont

The UFOLEP sports centre has rooms with 4 beds, + bathroom with a shower and toilet.  Breakfast and dinner are served in a self service canteen

There are also well heated rooms to change and hot showers just next to the launching beach.

There is a lot of space in the UFOLEP sports centre, but if you need utmost tranquility to recover, plan to make a huge amount of noise at night or absolutely want to avoid François "Equerre"'s incredible snoring, below hotels may be your preferred option : in Giffaumont / 5 min by car Ste Marie-du-Lac, (André's favorite) 20 min by car Montier-en-Der / 10 min by car

there is also 1 Campanile and 2 Ibis Hotels in St Dizier / 20 min. by car

A bit of history and background to this lake :

Three villages had to be destructed to allow its construction, and a whole church was also moved to what became the shore of the lake, and in front of which we will have the joy to sail !  While not everybody agreed the project in the beginning, it is nowadays widely accepted, and a strong touristic activity grew up all around the lake.

Activities are centered around recreational activities and outdoor sports including: cycling, hiking, fishing, water-skiing, rowing, and of course sailing! With its 3 marinas, its numerous sailing clubs and several water sports bases, Lac du Der is one of the Meccas for sailing on a reservoir in France! The Lac du Der is also an internationally well known ornithological reserve, partly because tens of thousand of birds assemble here each spring during their migration.

More tourist info is her  :


ZIP: 9665

City: Liefrange
Country: Luxemburg

The clubhouse of the famous Yachting Club of Luxemburg lies in the wonderful green valley of the Haute-Sure next to the national park. Throughout the region, you can find wonderful campgrounds, hiking trails, bike paths and of course a nice lake inviting sailing lovers to push their boat in its cristal water.

The lake of the Haute-Sûre is an artificial lake located in the north of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is the result of the construction of an hydraulic work on the river Sûre: the dam of Esch-sur-Sûre. Apart from its function of providing drinking water, it is a remarkable site of leisure (fishing, beaches, water sports). Its dam allows to supply electrical energy and participates in the regulation of the Sûre by guaranteeing on one side a regular low water level and by playing on the other side the role of a flood control.

Marina Muiderzand

Street: Marinaweg / IJmeerdijk 4
ZIP: 1361 AA

City: Almere
Country: The Netherlands

Marina Muiderzand is situated between Lelystad and Muiderberg (Muiden). From the harbor of Marina Muiderzand you can literally go in all directions: the IJmeer, Markermeer, IJsselmeer and the Randmeren. But the Frisian lakes, the Wadden area and the North Sea are also easily accessible.

Marina Muiderzand offers various options for overnight accommodation, with or without a boat. You can spend the night at the harbor in your own camper or in one of the marina floating Chalets or Safari tents. You want to go back to basic and don't need more then a nice, comfortable bed? Then Tiny Wagon or a Waterbubbel might be just the thing for you!

Ophoven - Maaseik

Street: Maasdijk
ZIP: 3640
City: Ophoven - Maaseik
Country: Country: Belgium

Ophoven is in the northeast corner of Belgium, between Maaseik(B) and Roermond (NL)
GPS address is Maasdijk, 3640 Ophoven

In the village center at the church : turn towards the east (there should be signs of Spaenjerd/MAREC/tegelhuisje)

Drive up to the river bank, then turn left and follow the narrow road along the Maas for another 600m until you arrive at 't Tegelhuisje ; you can now drive down to the left, past the barrier to get onto the rigging area

Some distances to Ophoven (source ViaMichelin) :
Brussels (airport) : 1h20 - 130km
Aachen : 43min - 54km
Muiden : 1h45 - 175km
Spakenburg : 1h50 - 175km
Bruinisse : 1h50 - 180km

Rigging Area NLM

Want to spend the night ?  There are several possibilities to suit everyone's budget and likings

1) free camping on the club grounds during events
there are toilets near the slipway and you can use the showers at Marec camping

Marec has also usually agrees to let boats use their beach at the camping during events

2) MAREC camping : see (site in 4 languages) to book a spot on the camping ; you can store your boat on the camping beach and start from here ; we can easily keep in touch by GSM ; it is a 400m sail to the NLM clubhouse that you pass on your way out to the regatta area

3) Hotel De Spaenjerd, situated just outside the camping and overseeing the Maas river

4) Sleep on a boat in the harbor :

5) Huize Bellefroid : a holiday house with rooms for 6 persons at 1km from the club look at

SNEH - Eau d'Heure (Plate Taille)

Street: Slip Sud
City: FroidChapelle - Les Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure
Country: Belgium

Sneh Sail Club - Bos

How to find us?

Les lacs de l'Eau d'Heure, between Philippeville and Beaumont

the place is also known as "Plate Taille"

Les Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure is a large complex of several lakes/dams, you need to get to the biggest lake, the one with a huge tower

Coming from Brussels:
Go to Charleroi then take the direction of Philippeville up to Somzée, then turn right to follow Walcourt and continue in the direction of Cerfontaine

You will see signs of Eau d'Heure

You need to get to the "barrage" with the tower

To reach the SNEH club, turn right after crossing the dam while driving away from the big tower

Camping :

during events, you can put up your tent on the club's grassfield at the end of the boat park (uphill) or just throw your 2 second thing in the air on the big grass field that you pass when arriving at the club ; during the BOS it can get busy with people partying and drinking, very noisy ... until very early in the morning ...

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